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I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions.

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Bitcoin is one of the most important inventions in all of human history.

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Facts are, as long as interest in the Bitcoin exists, it is virtually guaranteed to go higher.Patrick Planet Infowars Sept. 10, 2013. Some of my thoughts on Bitcoin.

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CoinDesk speaks to MoneyGram executive vice president Peter Ohser about why he believes bitcoin will fail to disrupt the remittance market.Overall, it was a painful experience, even more painful than using traditional foreign exchange services.

Despite all the enthusiasm I believe Bitcoin will fail because businesses will not adopt it and hence it will not represent meaningful value on.

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Any analysis presented in this article is illustrative in nature, is based on an incomplete set of information and has limitations to its accuracy, and is not meant to be relied upon for investment decisions.In conclusion, people should not be surprised that the Bitcoin is forming a bubble, by intent or not, that is what the Bitcoin is designed to do.In short, we are still in a situation where supply-side arbitrage has not worked its way through the value of Bitcoin. How and why Bitcoin will plummet in price.A few days ago, cryptocurrencies sold off quite dramatically.The developers of bitcoin are trying to show that money can be successfully privatized.The markets and economy thrive is low inflation environments.

James Madison, the author of the US Constitution, chartered the second Bank of America.A high-profile Bitcoin developer says the crypto-currency has failed and he will no longer take part in its development.The integrity of Bitcoin depends on a network of decentralized nodes, which themselves require civil.Global warming is causing more ice and colder temperatures, printing money and inflation are causing 0% interest rates.

Over time wages have tended to outperform inflation so the standard of living over the last 100 years have greatly outperformed the cost of inflation, and standard of living is the true measure of a successful economy, not whether or not the currency held its value or how low inflation is.How the Bitcoin experiment might fail Hard forks and the block size debate.Either Bitcoin Will Fail Because Govt Will Outlaw It OR BTC Is A Govt Invention To Enslave.The Bitcoin is founded in the misguided Libertarian ideology that central banks are evil and that transactions should be conducted in secret allowing them to avoid taxation.

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Clearly there is something fundamentally wrong with that theory.

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Yep, the Bitcoin can help you avoid transaction fees, but a 1 or 2% charge in nothing compared to the damage holding onto a Bitcoin can do.From that article it proves that I am not the only one that has reached the conclusion that this is designed to be a bubble machine.They might as well just asked the person to convert their Bitcoin themselves and give them the cash.Bottom line is, to transact in Bitcoins, you must hold a Bitcoin, and in the time it takes you to fly to Paris with your virtual wallet in hand, you may land with 50% less, or more for that matter.The Bitcoin is deliberately designed to eventually have a perfectly inelastic supply, meanings that there is a finite amount.I wrote about that back in July, and the Bitcoin has proven me correct way beyond my wildest imagination.

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The best analogy is when Doc tells Lightening McQueen that to turn left you have to turn right.Some even have nefarious objectives as mentioned in the article sourced at the start of this article.If the people involved in the transaction are required to hold the Bitcoin unhedged for any period of time, the Bitcoin is simply too risky to function as a global transaction free universal currency conversion vehicle.On the surface, bitcoin seems like a great idea and maybe an inevitable one.The US Dollar is the bedrock of the entire global financial system.Potential space travelers have the right to change their minds up to three months before departure, he said.The problem I have with the Bitcoin is the same problem I have with the gold bugs, they use dishonest, misguided and flawed theories to defend their position.

People rarely hold money outside the banking system, and when they do it is usually in order to facilitate transactions.Bitcoins (the actual units of this virtual currency) are a form of electronic money that.Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin does not believe that Litecoin or even Bitcoin are necessarily here to say, for good.

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The resolution of the Bitcoin experiment. Bitcoin is an experiment and like all experiments, it can fail.

I saw a couple of pre-teen Bitcoin millionaire on CNBC just the other day, and yes, some people will and are getting filthy rich, but trust me, the day of reckoning will eventually be here, it is only a matter of time.The Fed is not evil, QE did not cause inflation, inflation is not printing money and the Bitcoin has zero chance of becoming a viable currency.We live in exciting times, where it has become possible to send money across the globe nearly instantaneously, where you can create value out of.

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