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I wonder whether they will get a better deal through a sale like this than simply selling them on an exchange (or exchanges).

BITCOIN AUCTION-USMS Asset Forfeiture Sale [Printable]

In a way you are getting a government issued certificate of legitimacy.Secretive Mining Firm Revealed as Possible US Marshals Auction Winner.A list of potential bidders for the Bitcoin auction was accidentally leaked by the U.S. Marshals Service on Wednesday, according to the agency.The Phishing attack targeted bidders for the Silk Road Bitcoins being auctioned by the US Marshals. request a 100 BTC transfer to a specific Bitcoin address.

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Transactions sent and received from bitcoin address 1Ez69SnzzmePmZX3WpEzMKTrcBF2gpNQ55.

Bitcoin Law, Bitcoin Merchants, Bitcoin Regulation, Bitcoin Scams, News.The U.S. Marshals Service (USMS) recently announced a new bitcoin auction.Your e-mail address: Your comment: Loading...The 44,341 BTC, to be sold in blocks of 2,000 bitcoin, will go on sale from 12:00.

The Silk Road Auction Mystery. The U.S. Marshals Service. is that the company had in the past broadcasted a bitcoin address, and received BTC from the last USMS.Asked by Forbes if the Marshals Service is expected to auction off any Bitcoin. the US Marshals.This is a development that seems likely to keep the feds busy for some time to come.The last time they did the first auction, venture capitalist Tim Draper was the winning bidder though he refused to disclose how much he paid for the 30,000 bitcoins.

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US Marshals auctioning $20M worth of Silk Road’s Bitcoins

Their liquid, irreversible nature is why people use them (and not, say, checks or ACH) for high value transactions.

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Then, because the marshals set up the hoops just like they were told, some of that profit will find its way back to one or more of the more senior marshals involved in this farce.

The U.S. Marshals Service is holding an auction of. this auction are bitcoin from credit card scammer Sean. to an obscene public address.Well you have to give them 100k cash to even bid. so you at least need to be 10% serious to have that kind of money hand over to bid.US Marshals receive 34 bids for the Dread Pirate Roberts Auction of 50,000 bitcoins.Just over 2,719 bitcoins are to be sold to a single winner on Monday, 22 August. Worth.Especially if the proceeds go straight to Treasury and they have to manage the sale out of their existing budget.The online version was a black market that among other things sold illegal drugs.

Almost 30k Bitcoins Stolen From Silk Road to be Sold by. an address, and more. In. the winners will send their payments to the USMS via bank wire and the coins.The USMS does not make any representations or warranties regarding Bitcoin.

Bitcoin rallies above $600 after U.S. Marshals auction

In this video I give information on the US Marshals bidding process on the 30,000 silk-road bitcoins.This auction is from another bunch of coins seized from other law breakers.

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US Marshals to Auction $1.6m In Bitcoins, Some From the