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Discover what are on this list of Canadian rarities and find out how these valuable pieces play vital role in the history of Canadian.These sets come in us mint factory cases all proof sets never open all in boxes and all are perfect I broke them down and came up if sold.Rare Coins in your pocket. or at the base of the husk almost appearing coming out of the cheese.If any of the coins have damage (especially the scarce pieces), the value will be brought down, but only a sight-seen evaluation in such a case would determine by how much.I found a 1945 metal penny, it is not copper, it is smaller than a regular wheat penny.However, the 1959 and 1964 Jefferson nickels that you found in your coin collection are not silver.A good site for getting pricing information is on the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) website.The Royal Arms is a common design which is sometimes ignored, but remember to look out for one with a 2008 date.I have a question for you. 1908 half dollar, (2)1900 dollar coins, 1941 half dollar, 1923 dollar coin, 1941 dime, 6 nickels with half a face on the front with different symbols on the back.

I am not a collector but was looking at my coins and this coin is struck in the oddest way and places.Check out Rocky Mountain Coin on Yelp Shop Support Store Locations.

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It looks like this coin has received some heavy rim wear (very common with older Lincoln cents).As an overall rule, if the error hard to see with a 10x power lens, it is not significant enough to be very valuable.The 1965 silver dime is a rare error piece made by the U.S. Mint at the time when the government was transitioning over to copper-nickel coins.

Tips for Finding Coins in your own Neighborhood. Experts advise that you take time to look. a guy from Australia started finding coins on his first day out.This quarter may be worth much more than you think. Please look at the time stamp.So-called no-date Buffalo nickels are worth around 50 cents each.

Start Looking for and Collecting These Coins Now. but I have looked up which coins to look out for and keep an eye out for them.Actually a few of the coins are worth more than face value, if not a whole lot more.Would you please post a pic of your 1986 Lincoln cent here in the comment section.

Your Guide to Collecting Indian Coins. Consumers should know what to look for, and need to learn to view a coin. high manufacturing costs caused the phase-out.I was lookin at Mine, n it has an S letter although really hard to see in pic, but i looked the carefully.The gold color appears to be toning, which is actually quite pretty in the images you sent.

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The latest 90% silver date you will find for quarters is 1964.The dime is worth face value as it is worn, but is still a neat piece to hold aside due to its tone.Find out if your unusual coin is valuable or what to look out for in your change.Actually, a two-headed quarter is virtually always a trick novelty coin.Pay special attention to the mint mark (the small letter that identifies where the coin was made) and the date.Free price guide for coins graded by PCGS and NGC coin grading companies.I have a 1885 dollar piece and I would like to know if it is worth anything, I keep it as a good luck piece.If there are any signs of damage, it will be worth significantly less.

So I got another 1984 washington liberty quarter and put it right on top of the one I found where just the liberty was visiable on both and then the same with the numbers were only visable and the other quarter did not have the flatness look to it, So I want to know if this is a rare coin or it was caused by just wear. Thank you.You have a Lincoln cent honoring the the life of the 16th president.Collectors—and future collectors—can easily find out how much coins are worth and how their.That sounds like the type of penny illusionists use for doing magic tricks.

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If you really want to search, you can consider getting rolls of coins to look through as well.

The trains would flatten the pennies like pancakes, turning our pennies into mini copper saucers.Your coin may be worth a small premium over face value if the last digit of the date was left off inadvertently due to a striking issue.Daniel took his time in sorting out the coins and placed them in groups.Find out what your coin is worth. Approximate Values of Coins from Great Britain (UK).

Proof Lincoln cents of the era have highly reflective, nearly mirror-like, surfaces and great display of minute detail.The partial date may also be due to uneven (and very heavy) wear.Here we will lay out which coins offer the greatest value because of their metal content (made out of nickel).By lucas buck, June 23, 2010 in Coins in the News. so you could keep an eye out for rare coins when going through change,.I have a 1943 silver penny do you know the value of this or where do I go to see what it is worth.

So, if you have a coin right side up in front of you and turn it to the left or right, the other side will be facing you upside down.Nickels made from 1942 to 1945 contain a combination of 56% copper, 35% silver, and 9% manganese.I have a nickle with only the face back side is not there date 1974 odd or not worth anything.The theory is that a few silver dimes were struck with the 1965 date by accident.