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It would have been best to refund the withdrawal in its entirety or just credited it, to be used for a future transaction as that would have saved you guys from a world of pain.I am new in the world of Bitcoins,please give me some donate to.MySQL is a random example of financial traffic not following ACID principles.The only thing I did earlier today was post a link of this thread at a local community forum that I am part of.Those of us who would take customer money more seriously (and who would have refused additional customers much earlier) also take legal liabilities more seriously, particularly the legal liabilities of running an unlicensed money transmission business.

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Please if someone is kind enough to just give me.10 btc. 1M65vhyi2SPrCfpBAi5jujy9wfVy2VxFTE.Many banks are powered by duct tape and loose Excel spreadsheets.Also, in that same comment, you linked to another voluminous thread criticizing Coinbase.Trades and transactions have a SETTLEMENT day and date in the financial markets.The main one that steered me away was the number of people who would try to buy on the dips and have their orders take 6 days or more to complete or would suddenly and inexplicably get canceled long after the dip was gone and already recovered.Excel was over-used in many places, but was not used for day to day transactions and operations.So in case of failure to deliver, damage etc. the monies released conform to the terms of the agreement.The official way to file a complaint is with the California Department of Business Oversight, and the form is here.Learning this will give us insight into the kinds of. check out our very own MakeUseOf. or you can just buy Bitcoins off of someone who has them in.

HN is very frequently used as a customer support forum for large tech companies not funded by YC.I remember the days when there was a 15% spread between MtGox and THAT was an arbitrage opportunity.

REDDIT and the ALIEN Logo are registered trademarks of reddit inc.It has its own subjective and economic values, but that is completely separate from the cost of manufacturing the guitar.He spoke with me for two hours with a running tape recorder and after the interview this was the best story he could come up with apparently.He was told that at the end of the month they would do a stocktake and see.Fuck their shitty TOS, call the SEC and have them investigate, they need to comply with the law.Tell me how regulation stopped the 2008 financial crisis with the housing bubble.

Eventually, with scale, the growing pains of business process debt (like technical debt) will come due.In some of those cases I personally think that the business is partly illegal and bookkeeper is cooking the books.I will never, in my life, understand why so many Libertarians take the argument that if some criminal might engage in a crime, then everyone should be allowed to do that same thing.In terms of a small purchase of physical crude oil from a middle man with upfront cash it comes down to the paperwork and the terms that were agreed to.This is a pretty close to being a classic contract law case, except with bitcoins rather than tangible goods.

My clients can pay me in bitcoins, criminal defense lawyer says.At least Coinbase seems to be exhibiting incompetence rather than the naked greed and malice that characterizes many other nascent markets.

Sounds like they need some people who have actual practical experience building financial systems.Intrinsic value, as the term is used for currency, is value that you can recover from a currency without trading it -- e.g., the use-value of gold for ornamentation or industrial uses is intrinsic value.I know the people from USA could not participate, but that didnt mean there were not tons of people who scalped the hell out of that arbitrage opportunity for months.They have now missed that deadline so I am taking this matter a bit public.Ah, the libertarian fantasy of the completely informed and rational public, always willing and able to promote the good guys and eradicate the bad guys.That means, at the very least, they have until March 8 to give an explanation.What they probably should have done is just reversed the transaction entirely, but if I was deciding this, barring some agreement on delivery time, Coinbase would be mostly blameless.The value for which you can trade a currency is its extrinsic value.

If they were not left untouched and were not segregated this would construe as kiting if only used for trades.New merchants are welcome to announce their services for Bitcoin, but after those have been announced they are no longer news and should not be re-posted.He explains further down thread: HN is a news site, not a customer support forum for companies funded by YC, and in fact the site guidelines explicitly ask that it not be used that way.You are right, botcoin is not a currency, but it is a security and it is traded on an exchange.These processes are themselves audited every year, and stress tested.If they were holding onto 35.10 rather than 35.10K, I suspect you would react differently.Only if Coinbase can prove to the public that they are consistent on matters like this would your assertion be correct.So it IS a reversible transaction, and Bitcoins are DIRECTLY (not indirectly) valued at approximately the cost of mining and distribution.If the trade(s) were not executed, Coinbase broke laws that they are governed by regardless if bitcoin is regulated or not.

HN is really getting overloaded with bitcoin noise the past couple weeks.Is this a reference to MySQL, pre-InnoDB, not being ACID compliant.In fact it seems that most Fortune 500 companies, regardless of industry round things to the million.Looking around their forums, the arbitrary rejections seem very common and make the company seem quite scammy.

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Just like a successful venture is a series of experiments, the business side gets built incrementally.

My clients can pay me in bitcoins, criminal defense lawyer

In layman terms: (1)they buy and sell BTC on behalf of clients and charge the client for the transaction including their fees. (2)they are an online payment processor of sorts.As of now, 10.35799117 BTC was spent out of 22.51357574. If you have ideas for the remaining BTC, see here for more info.