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On March 6 Utorrent version 3.4.2 update included Bitcoin mining software Epic Scale.

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Many users of the popular BitTorrent client uTorrent are complaining about it silently installing a cryptocurrency miner with a recent update.

In its last outing, popular torrent clint uTorrent was heavily criticized for secretly attaching a Bitcoin mining application in its update.The latest update to the uTorrent client includes a piece of software, Epic Scale, used to mine a Bitcoin-esque cryptocurrency known as Litecoin, which VICE reports.

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Epic Scale is a bitcoin mining program that has figured out how to parasite itself onto the most recent rendition of uTorrent.

Latest uTorrent update includes Bitcoin mining software, may slow your PC. which includes a Bitcoin mining software called Epic Scale.On Friday, March 6th, we received user feedback about an optional partner offer to our users to install software from Epic Scale.The IWF is planning to collaborate with bitcoin exchanges to fight against online child pornography, bitcoin marketplace Brawker to shut down, uTorrent removes hidden.BitTorrent client uTorrent has been using the computer power of its users to generate bitcoins.The hugely popular BitTorrent client uTorrent is still taking heat from users for installing malware without their consent.

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BitTorrent, Inc., the company behind uTorrent, has removed their hidden Bitcoin miner from the latest version of uTorrent. from a company called Epic Scale,.Even if the software was offered to users during installation, doing so on an opt-out basis is misleading.

The internet went crazy today when somebody figured out that uTorrent was bundling a piece of crapware called.

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We have reviewed the issue closely and can confirm there is no silent install happening.

But it is most likely that these users accepted the offer during installation.

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Epic Scale is a mining software specially designed to. bitcoin Bitorrent Epic Scale mining Utorrent.

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Later on, they found out that the spike was not caused by uTorrent itself but by EpicScale, which had installed itself on their computer without their knowledge.This tutorial will show you how to remove the Epic Scale cryptocurrency mining software, which may have been installed along with uTorrent.Reports that uTorrent silently installs Bitcoin. a Bitcoin mining tool called Epic Scale is. of Epic Scale.

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Torrentinvitez focuses on bringing you the very best of the private BitTorrent trackers world including free invites, open signup trackers, news, reviews, information, competitions, seedboxes, tutorials and more.However EpicScale is an epic problem because high CPU usage can shorten the lifetime of a computer and make the user experience a lot worse.

Epic Scale, come disinstallare per sempre il miner di bitcoin inserito in uTorrent.If you recently installed or updated uTorrent on your PC, you may have have picked up an unwanted passenger: a bitcoin miner called Epic Scale.

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In the latest version of the unanimously popular BitTorrent client, uTorrent, the company has been caught silently installing BitCoin mining malware on machines.That is what we do at Epic Scale. cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin work by.

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There is a lot of money to be made when there are millions of users running a bitcoin mining software in the background all the time.Probably not. by Napier Lopez — in Insider. Epic Scale says it does not track personal.

Epic Scale, come disinstallare per sempre il miner di

However, the various complaints suggest that there is more here than meets the eye.

If you are using utorrent uninstall it they are installing

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If you recently installed or updated uTorrent on your PC, you may have have picked up an unwanted passenger: a Bitcoin miner called Epic Scale. That.