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Fizcal brings accounting to the blockchain using Triple Entry Accounting.Solomon Exchange will give you several options like Smart Intelligence trading, Trade in top 30 cryptocurrencies, Platform with several other options like bank settlement which is not only limited to bitcoin, but other alt-coins also.A blockchain designed for long-term stability with quantum computing resistant encryption.A Decentralized P2P-platform for the gig economy built on Ethereum.A services company for the cryptocurrency industry that aims to encourage widespread adoption with physical cryptocurrency cafes and education programs.A so called Distributed Autonomous Job Market (DAJ) on the Ethereum platform.

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Conversational AI-powered platform for on-demand, quantified biology and medical analysis.

Enigma Catalyst enables data scientists to build their own crypto-hedge fund using unique data sets and a research platform for traders to build and test investment strategies.A decentralized healthcare information layer built on Ethereum.Owners will also gain free initial amount from our upcoming Cryptumcoin and optional access to shared profits.We maintain a curated list of ongoing and upcoming token sales, sometimes referred to as ICOs ( initial coin offerings ) and crowdsales.

Internxt is a P2P cloud computing network intended to support a decentralized internet.LAT tokenizes and makes tradable fractions of assets ranging from real estate and loans to artworks.A platform for asset management powered by arbitrage bots and sentiment analysis.Auction protocol for claiming, then auctioning domain names in a variety of languages and countries.A peer to peer personal loan auction platform built on the Ethereum network.An institutional grade global bitcoin spot and derivatives exchange, with standardized listing of exchange traded instruments in money markets, crypto-index futures and commodities.

A live and revenue-generating app that enables mass market customers to buy and sell gold-backed ERC20 is your premier source for everything Bitcoin related.Kik has announced the launch of a new cryptocurrency, Kin for use within the application. Read more.An ICO is an event in which a new cryptocurrency project sells part of its cryptocurrency tokens to early adopters and enthusiasts in exchange for.An Ethereum-based DAO for managing and holding token assets informed by a crowd-sourced intelligence.--Delayed indefinitely due to SEC ruling.

The Earth Dollar is the first currency on the Mother Earth Network, an inter-linked blockchain network, using bitcoin, Ethereum, and a new sovereign blockchain.Cross-platform decentralized modular exchange built on the Safenetwork with a token issued on Counterparty.A decentralized reputation system with a built in payment processing network that gives users 0.2% rewards in the form of the MTH token for every purchase made.

The Hut34 Project aims to provide the infrastructure to power an open market for the exchange of information, similar to Quora, using a distributed interbot network where data, information, and services can be exchanged and monetised fairly by all.

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A mobile app that enables users to manage their portfolio, perform analytics and receive alerts on market trends.Decentralized quantitative hedge fund offering a profit-sharing token.PR: The Deep Transforms Online Interaction With Blockchain Powered Virtual World.

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DiceyBit is a smart games crypto casino based on Blockchain technology.A p2p betting platform built on Ethereum targeting PVP battle outcomes in mmorpgs.BCC Cryptocurrency Exchange Launches in Record Time Following Successful Completion of BitConnect.A distributed platform for a public, interactive virtual world.Digital Reproductions of artworks originally created by Yves Klein.FundCoin (FND) is a blockchain-based private equity type project.

A crypto-mining data center based in Georgia along the coast of the Black Sea. 50 Percent of mining profits will be redistributed to token holders through a buyback mechanism.Second public offering for Aeternity, a smart contract platform with state chains and a native oracle machine.A decentralized lending platform that connects lenders and borrowers through a smart contract.The Pros and Cons of Investing in a Cryptocurrency ICO. Pros:. buying cryptocurrency.PBOC Discusses ICO and Cryptocurrency Regulations. Try out the new Mobile Wallet.

Provides funding, promotion resources to rising tennis stars by decentralizing the sports talent management industry.U.CASH enables conversion between fiat and cryptocurrencies through retail locations.A tokenized financial investment system that operates a decentralized financial trading Artificial Intelligence.RasputinOnline is a premium live broadcast Entertainment hub giving viewers from across the globe the medium to connect with our in-house models on different levels.A smart contract architecture that operates on the Ethereum Virtual Machine as a (global) primary and secondary startups tokens market place.Universal blockchain platform for ticket systems, which combines three basic products: Tickets Chain, Tickets Cloud and Tickets Wallet.

Smart contract compiler that lets anyone without coding experience launch tokens on Ethereum.

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International MultiModal Logistics (IMMLA) is a decentralized online service for tracking shipping across multiple modes of transportation.

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You can also read the latest news, or engage with the community on our Bitcoin Forum.A software platform for building and managing small-to-medium sized cryptocurrency mining operations.

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A blockchain-based peer-to-peer energy trading platform enabling consumers and businesses to share excess solar power with their neighbors.

Blockchain-based banking project with a declared mission to make core banking services free, while delivering a full suite of low-priced financial services, including access to cryptocurrencies.Blockchain technology for secure storage and transfer of electronic health records.KICKICO is a single, unified platform for cryptocurrency crowdfunding.Polybius is a project aimed to create a regulated bank for crypto-finance.This electronic logging system would enable pilots to have logs that can be verified online, making aviation safer for everyone involved.